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Timeline of Old Bar History

Some Milestones in the Story of Old Bar

Prior to 1818 Aboriginal people lived in the area for thousands of years.

According to 'Custodians of the Soil' by John Ramsland, published by Greater Taree City Council, "The Aboriginal population of the Manning River region was relatively dense before the invasion of the white man and corroborees of various kinds frequently consisted of four hundred to five hundred people. The density of the population was strongly related to the abundance of natural food supplies, both in the river and other waterways and on the land. "

Today Old Bar falls within the boundaries of the Purfleet/Taree Local Aboriginal Lands Council.

1818: Surveyor John Oxley crossed and named Farquhar Inlet on 24th October

1855: First blocks of land being sold by Henry Flett to commence the town of Taree.

1884: Old Bar Park was reserved for Public Recreation and dedicated on 25th July 1884. Charles Boyce was one of the pioneer Trustees. Any person entering the reserve had to pass through a gate where an admittance fee was charged for day visitors.

1903: First Ferry installed across the Manning River at Taree. This opened the way for an overland track to be made to The Old Bar. Prior to this and for a good time later all transport was by the river.

1907: Fred Richardson believed to be the first leasee of the Old Bar Pavilion and camping ground.

1912: Mr William Lee a land holder at Old Bar had portion of his land sub-divided into town allotments:Connell, Smith, and Clerke Streets bounded by David and Cross streets.

1913: Mr Sauzier's Convalescence Home was in operation on the main Old Bar Road near where TAGs Restaurant is today.

1914: First Post Office and telephone installed at the Pavillion operated by Mr Richardson.

1914: The cottage 'RITO' was built by the Beeton family . This cottage is still standing at 25 David St is Old Bar's oldest building.

'Pacific Sounds ' was also originally built about this time but has since been completely rebuilt.

1928: The first meeting to establish the Taree Old Bar Surf Club was held on New Year's Day 1928 at the Pavilion at Old Bar and a Club house was subsequently built and opened.

1930: Opening of the first Ladies Surf Clubhouse.

1930: The George Bunyan cleared the area for Airstrip.

1932: Opening of the second Ladies Surf Clubhouse ( now Rushby Casino)

1937: The S.S. Urana, a coastal trading steamer ran aground on the reef about 500 metres off Old Bar Beach.

1940: The Methodist Church (now Uniting Church) was erected in Smith Street and opened on January 3 1940.

1941: The Rushby Casino was erected on the Reserve and the the 'new' school was in built in David Street.

1947: Waterman Subdivision: Bryan, Belford, Farleigh Streets as well as Richardson and Sheppard Streets.

1950: The George/Hall Subdivision( previously Noon's farm 1902): George, Hall & Lewis Streets as well as Pacific Prde.

1952: The Roman Catholic Church was built and opened in December 1952.

1958: The Soldier's Memorial Hall was built.

1961: The first sub-division of Crown Lands sold by auction of the area bounded by David, Old Bar Road, Ungala, Smith and Tirriki streets. THe approximate price per block was 465 pounds.

1974: Application submitted to build a new Surf Clubhouse.

1979: The new Surf Clubhouse became fully functional when $7,000.00 was donated to finish the kitchen and install a new ceiling.

1979: The Belle Villa Subdivision

1988: Celebrartion of Bi-Centennial year at Old Bar with a visit from pioneer aviatrix Mrs Nancy Bird Walton.

1989: An historic "Capsule " to be recovered in 2038 A.D was buried at the base of Old Bar's historic marker.

1993: Construction of Banyula Village began.

1998: Old Bar Community Library opened in Shop 8 in the Petere Ibbottson Complex .

2006: Bi-Lo Shopping Centre opened

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