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Safety Procedures for Visitors

When you are visiting us during school hours, we have a number of safety procedures which all visitors are required to adhere to.

Safety Procedures when you are visiting our school: 

Signing In Process for Visitors:

  • All visitors, contractors or volunteers entering the school premises, are required to report to the front office and liaise with Office Personnel
  • If you have not undertaken a Site Induction, office staff will provide you with a Site Induction Brochure (located at the front counter) and provide you with relevant information, eg. Evacuation Points.
  • Once you have completed the Site Induction, you can sign the ‘Visitors/Contractor's Register' at the front counter and proceed on-site.
  • The site induction is valid for the remainder of the year. For future visits, you may proceed by directly signing the ‘Visitors/Contractors Register' at the front counter.
  • When signing in, please ensure that you have marked ‘Y' in the column titled "Safety Briefing Issued Y/N".

In the case of assemblies, or events attended by a large volume of visitors:

  • Sign in at the front office is not necessary
  • The Assembly will be addressed, prior to the commencement of the event, detailing Exit Points, Evacuation Procedures, Lockdown Procedures and relevant Assembly Area's.

Things you need to be aware of in the case of an emergency:

  • Make yourself familiar with the location of emergency exits
  • Assembly Area's – On the Basketball Courts (Assembly Area 1), or Infants Playground (Assembly Area 2).
  • Evacuation Alarm – One long continuous bell. Evacuate the building and proceed to the nearest Assembly Area, unless otherwise advised. Do not re-enter until advised to do so.
  • Lockdown Alarm – Series of Short Bells. Return to the nearest room and lock doors and windows; Blinds down; Students on floor – under tables if possible; Wait for clearance from Principal.

Safety Procedures (PDF 208KB)

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