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The Best Day of My Life by Deborah Ellis

Valli is tired of her dusty, coal filled life.  Even though coal is the only way people in the village of Jharia make a living.  But Valli is different to her other Indian cousins, for she has 'magic feet'.  But when Valli discovers a mean secret about herself and her family's past she leaves behind her life of picking up coal and swaps it for one of surviving and borrowing on the streets of Kolkata in India.  But are her feet a gift or is Valli just an invisible monster?

by Stephanie

Hiding Edith by Kathy Kacer

It's 1938, Edith and her family are running from Hitler's army, who are going to dangersous measures to capture all the Jewish people.  Fleeing across Austria, her father is arrested and in a deperate bid for survival Edith's mother sends her and her brother to a Children's home in Moissac, where Jewish children were hiding.  Much to Edith's distress they're relying on the entire town to keep their identity a secret.  Could 500 Jewish children live unknown in Moissac when all around them they're being tortured and killed ?

by Tara

The Best Day of My Life by Deborah Ellis

Valli is the main character in this book. She is about 11 years old.  She has dark skin with a patch of white skin near her elbow and brown eyes.  She has quite long dark hair. Her job when she was little was picking up colal like all the other kids her age.  She is an orphan, her grandparents adopted her then payed their next door neighbours to take her and tell her that they were her auntie and uncle.  She is a very brave girl.  She is independent and has a free willed mind.  She has leprosy in her feet which makes her unable to feel any cuts or sores on them. She is a borrower which means she takes things from other richer people, uses them and then gives them away to other poor people.  she sleeps on the steets sometimes on doorsteps, in doorways and in the graveyard.

by Nicola

My Personal Response to The Best Day of My Life by Deborah Ellis

I chose the book ' The Best Day of My Life' because I love how the book is written and I like it when the narrator of the story is a character in the story,.  I loved the whole story and eveything that happened.  I really like Valli as well.  I like doing my novel study, learning about Deborah Ellis and enjoyed wrting different things to complete my work . I believe that it would be a perfect story for eleven year olds and above.  I absolutely LOVED this story.  I'm going to give it a 10/10.

by Chloe

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