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In Term Two 1/2B enjoyed reading ' Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle' by Glenda Millard and Stephen Michael King.

Eric and Cyan in Year Two retold the story in their own words:

One yellow evening, tiger striped with blackened trees, a pig sat remembering.

With eyes closed tight she saw her home as it had been.  Then the scary bushfire had come and it ate the earth bare. Applesauce dawdled up the hill, settled in the dust by the shed where Joe and Marigold had lived since the fire. 

High in the hills the Shepherds tended their sheep.  Billy the littlest one noticed a great shining star.  "Look at that Mum" he said. 

"It's shining down on Joe and Maridgold's place" he said. 

"Can we call in and see them on the way home? " he said.

"Yes" said Mrs Shepherd. 

 They drove through dry creek beds and fenceless paddocks.  Billyl and Rosie laid in dry hay and sang Christmas Carols until they fell asleep. Next day Marigold's three elderly aunties came.  The aunties brought presents.  Aunty Pearl unwrapped a large sticky plum pudding.  Aunty May's shoebox was filled with shortbread.  Mr Shepherd lined some hay in Aunty Ruby's crate.  Joe opened the door and Marigold carried a baby out. 

Applesauce let Christmas fill her heart.

by Eric


One sunset Christmas Eve a sad, pink pig sat remembering her beautiful valley.  A lovely swing was swinging softly from a tree and a cute horse stood there.

But then a terrible huge fire came and burnt the beautiful valley. 

Applesauce trotted up the hill and settled in the dust by the shed.  Then Owl tried to cheer her up.

"Christmas comes from the heart pig, Christmas comes from the heart."

The next day the Shepherd family tended their sheep .  " Look mum, look at that shining star .  It's shining down on Joe and Marigold's house.  Can we see them on the way home?"

'Yes" said Mrs Shepherd, " I think we should". Joe said " Hello" as they got out of the car. 

The next day the Aunts came. 

"Hello". said the Shepherds. 

"Hello", said the Aunts. 

The Aunts were carrying three presents, one in each hand. 

The first carried a shoe box .  The next carried a plum pudding and the last carried a crate.  The shoebox was full of shortbread and the crate full of hay.

Then Joe and Marigold came outside smiling like they had received the best Christmas present of all. A gorgeous baby was born and everybody was happy. 

Applesauce looked up and saw the cockatoos dancing and swirling, then settling on the bare ground.  She saw the red leaves on Owl's gumtree and she remembered what an Owl had said and let Christmas fill her heaert and her heart felt big.

by Cyan